“So what is a museum to you? I really don’t know I guess it’s a collection of goods and there are several rooms and you just walk around and you really want to sit down because you’re so tired and then you see an object that reminds you of something you used to love and you want to take it home so you think about ways to steal it but there is a security person there. So you just look at it and you think that if you really love someone you have to press your body against it to see if it breaks under your weight"


Museum is an art brand of prints curated by the Swedish artist Iris Smeds and functions as a part of basic wardrobe. Artists are invited to make prints every third month. The t-shirts will be printed in limited and numbered editions. The idea behind Museum is to create a platform for artists to use the format of the t-shirt in order to sell their work in larger editions at a lower cost.

Museum’s first t-shirt “Prostibulum Artem Vendit” is made by Iris Smeds and is a part of her project "Whore Selling Art" that is about the commoditization of the individual and in extension the real value of art. The first edition of the t-shirt comes with a poster: "Whore Selling Plato's Idea of A Chair"